TESTIMONY – TRUDY TEH & CHRISTOPHER WONG (Sunday Service with Shawn Bolz)

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Having heard others received a prophetic word in church, I secretly held a desire to receive a prophetic word too. It wasn’t about will it happen, but a question of when. Throughout the sermon, I was tired yet there was a sense of excitement in my spirit seeing how the prophetic was touching many people’s lives powerfully.

When I heard Shawn Bolz called out the names ‘Christopher and Trudy’, I was shocked. Never did I expect a stranger to call both our names. He mentioned that we are happily engaged and in a long term relationship. Wow, that blew my mind! In that moment, I knew God had something special to point out about our relationship.

Christopher and I dated for very long, and we got engaged few months ago. One of the decisions I made for this relationship was that just as how we receive greater revelation of the Father’s love for us, we will grow in revelation to love each other more. The word from Shawn included how “God is gonna give you an epic love, it’s sort of normal to you, but it’s an epic, committed love”. There was a confidence that arose that this relationship is founded in God and rooted in His deep love.

Ever since the pre-marriage course we attended earlier this year, I have been searching out God’s mind for our marriage, as we know it’s important to have a vision as a couple. This prophetic word includes how our relationship is going to be healing wounds in families and extended families. How people going through divorce will look at our love and see what love really looks like”. This was in line with a prophetic word Christopher and I received when we were in Bethel Church, Redding, recently. Our revival group pastor prayed that our marriage will bring reconciliation and breakthroughs in relationships. This sets a vision and mandate for our marriage, which is an answered prayer.

I feel that this prophetic word is an assurance from God that if we set our minds on things above, He will grant to us the desires of our heart. And that the words of encouragement through prophecy, is God revealing His love through tangible ways, with such certainty that you can’t escape from His truth and His constant pursuit for you and I.


- Trudy Teh

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