TESTIMONY – DESMOND & ELAINE NG (Special Meeting with Shawn Bolz)

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Spectacularly mind blown tonight!

Made it to church after a series of mishaps/obstacles and only got to sit in the back row in the farthest end of the room. Outside the room in fact. No big deal for God. Stunned when the speaker called me out by name, and proceeded to call my daughter Esther and son Daniel out by name as well. Yup, that certainly got my attention!!

He proceeded to give a prophetic word over certain things that we had been stressed about lately. Not just generic info, but specific to our situation with regards to the relationship that we aspire to have with our children and for our children to have between themselves. I just felt an overwhelming sense of peace and assurance that we are doing ok, they will turn out more than ok, and that even if we may be doing certain things against normal convention, it’s fine and that what’s most important is doing it God’s way.

He also called out our destiny as a family and spoke a missional mandate over us. That resonated so much with us. We don’t just want to go wading in the baby pool. We wanna dive in the deep end and do life with Him and for Him. We wanna have adventures with Him! And hey, Elaine and I did fall in love on the mission field!

He called out a writing gift in me. Honestly, it’s something that I’ve been stewing over for a while now but have always pushed away due to fear. Felt a sense of dreams awakened.

How can someone we’ve never spoken a word to in our lives know so much about the personal details of our lives unless God reveals it? Having seen it happen for others, I’d always taken it with a pinch of salt. But now, this encounter has killed the cynic in me.

What does this mean to me and…. What for?? Will need some time to process it but I can honestly say I’ve never felt more known and loved by God. I think this is the gift of the prophetic ministry to the body of Christ, to awaken the bride to His extravagant love.

God is very much alive, He is very much speaking, and He is very much in love with you and me.

Thank you Shawn Bolz and thank You God!


- Desmond Ng

(Reposted from Desmond’s original Facebook post with permission)

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