Our Story of Love, Life & Community


Love is more than a feeling, Love is a person.

John tells us that God is Love, in fact He gave everything for Love by offering his Son, Jesus Christ, in sacrificial death while we were of no use whatsoever to him.

@ The City, we hope to create an environment where God can be at Home among us and be who He is, so that True Love can be experienced and expressed, in how we live and in all that we do.

Because we are Loved, we Love…



In Him, we Live, we Move and have Have Our Being…

Real Life starts with God. (John 10:10) It starts with knowing who He is and what he is like.

It is a Life that is Free from death, lack and fear. It is a Life that is Full of Creativity, Abundance and Love – for God and one another!

And that is exactly what we hope to experience and express @ The City, Real Life!

Because He lives, Life is worth the Living…



We decide to give our lives to Jesus Christ as individuals, but we grow to be like Him in a Community. God himself is a Community, and He is calling us to one.

Our journey with God is both personal and social. Therefore @ The City, it is our hope that we can be in a space where our walls are torn down and brokenness be shared. That real relationships can be established and God’s goodness and grace can be multiplied.

It is a Family-Like Community that we hope to experience and express in Christ, with dynamic relationships built intentionally among people who choose to be real.


The City is Home, where True Love, Real Life & a Family-like Community is Experienced & Expressed!