We are a community of ordinary youths
who are called to do extraordinary things.

We are a family.
We love God, people, life and fun.

We share life and build authentic relationships.

We are dreamers and world changers.

We are extremely loud and vibrant,
but stay incredibly close to the heart of God.

Above all, we are passionate about raising laid-down lovers
who are one with the heartbeat of God and His Kingdom.



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What does an “awakening” look like?

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One80 TGIF // 30 May 2014

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It’s time to get the word out! Let’s invite our friends, our cousins, people we know that do not know The Lord!

It’s gonna be an amazing time, so share this post on your FB page, your Instagram page, your Twitter page, whatever it takes to let people know about this.

We are going for more, we are going deeper, so let’s all dive in together!

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