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Starting today, we’re launching a 40-Day Bible reading plan that will guide us through Jesus’ journey to the cross and His resurrection.

The readings will last till the Easter weekend.

Go to The City App and you’ll find it on the Homepage and in the Modules Menu.

Go to the App Store or Play Store, search for “The City Singapore” and download it if you haven’t done so.



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If you’re a new believer or you want to strengthen the foundations of your faith, we have something just for you!
There’ll be a 3-week introduction to Christianity class beginning 12 March, 2.30pm – 3.30pm.
Sign up via The City App with a registered account. Go to the EVENTS module and select “Going”.
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We’re starting a 3-week new believer’s class starting 12 March (Sunday), 2.30pm – 3.30pm.

This class is an introduction to Christianity and a pre-requisite for water baptism.  

Sign up via The City App:

Go to the EVENTS module

Select “The Gospel Class” event

Click on “Going”

(Do ensure you’re signed into the app via an account or Facebook; Guest Users won’t be able to register for the class.)


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TESTIMONY – TRUDY TEH & CHRISTOPHER WONG (Sunday Service with Shawn Bolz)

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Having heard others received a prophetic word in church, I secretly held a desire to receive a prophetic word too. It wasn’t about will it happen, but a question of when. Throughout the sermon, I was tired yet there was a sense of excitement in my spirit seeing how the prophetic was touching many people’s lives powerfully.

When I heard Shawn Bolz called out the names ‘Christopher and Trudy’, I was shocked. Never did I expect a stranger to call both our names. He mentioned that we are happily engaged and in a long term relationship. Wow, that blew my mind! In that moment, I knew God had something special to point out about our relationship.

Christopher and I dated for very long, and we got engaged few months ago. One of the decisions I made for this relationship was that just as how we receive greater revelation of the Father’s love for us, we will grow in revelation to love each other more. The word from Shawn included how “God is gonna give you an epic love, it’s sort of normal to you, but it’s an epic, committed love”. There was a confidence that arose that this relationship is founded in God and rooted in His deep love.

Ever since the pre-marriage course we attended earlier this year, I have been searching out God’s mind for our marriage, as we know it’s important to have a vision as a couple. This prophetic word includes how our relationship is going to be healing wounds in families and extended families. How people going through divorce will look at our love and see what love really looks like”. This was in line with a prophetic word Christopher and I received when we were in Bethel Church, Redding, recently. Our revival group pastor prayed that our marriage will bring reconciliation and breakthroughs in relationships. This sets a vision and mandate for our marriage, which is an answered prayer.

I feel that this prophetic word is an assurance from God that if we set our minds on things above, He will grant to us the desires of our heart. And that the words of encouragement through prophecy, is God revealing His love through tangible ways, with such certainty that you can’t escape from His truth and His constant pursuit for you and I.


- Trudy Teh

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TESTIMONY – DESMOND & ELAINE NG (Special Meeting with Shawn Bolz)

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Spectacularly mind blown tonight!

Made it to church after a series of mishaps/obstacles and only got to sit in the back row in the farthest end of the room. Outside the room in fact. No big deal for God. Stunned when the speaker called me out by name, and proceeded to call my daughter Esther and son Daniel out by name as well. Yup, that certainly got my attention!!

He proceeded to give a prophetic word over certain things that we had been stressed about lately. Not just generic info, but specific to our situation with regards to the relationship that we aspire to have with our children and for our children to have between themselves. I just felt an overwhelming sense of peace and assurance that we are doing ok, they will turn out more than ok, and that even if we may be doing certain things against normal convention, it’s fine and that what’s most important is doing it God’s way.

He also called out our destiny as a family and spoke a missional mandate over us. That resonated so much with us. We don’t just want to go wading in the baby pool. We wanna dive in the deep end and do life with Him and for Him. We wanna have adventures with Him! And hey, Elaine and I did fall in love on the mission field!

He called out a writing gift in me. Honestly, it’s something that I’ve been stewing over for a while now but have always pushed away due to fear. Felt a sense of dreams awakened.

How can someone we’ve never spoken a word to in our lives know so much about the personal details of our lives unless God reveals it? Having seen it happen for others, I’d always taken it with a pinch of salt. But now, this encounter has killed the cynic in me.

What does this mean to me and…. What for?? Will need some time to process it but I can honestly say I’ve never felt more known and loved by God. I think this is the gift of the prophetic ministry to the body of Christ, to awaken the bride to His extravagant love.

God is very much alive, He is very much speaking, and He is very much in love with you and me.

Thank you Shawn Bolz and thank You God!


- Desmond Ng

(Reposted from Desmond’s original Facebook post with permission)

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Josh & Song


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Josh and Song Cha are pioneers and intercessors with an incredible prophetic gifting

and an anointing to discern the times and seasons.

Register for the workshop with Andre at andretan@thecity.sg today!

Josh & Song



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Hi Parents,

In my early days as a parent, I read the book “How to be a Hero to Your Kids” by Josh McDowell and Dick Day. I would like to share the following Biblically-based “recipe” for positive parenting stated in the book that can transform us into real heroes to our children.


  •  gusharticle

(Image credit to “How To Be A Hero To Your Kids” by Josh McDowell & Dick Day)


One of the A’s I’m working on is AVAILABILITY. For our children, love is spelled T-I-M-E.

As I was reflecting about my involvement with my children, I felt really challenged by the Lord to be very intentional when I’m spending time with them. This led me to make the following changes and I’m still working on them:

1)      Unplug – I’m learning to unplug from all devices, especially my phone, whenever I’m with my children. I want them to see me watching them play or making eye contact with them whenever they are talking to me, rather than have my eyes fixed on the phone. Everywhere we go, I see a trend where parents are always looking at their gadgets rather than watching their children play and making connections with them. I hope to break this trend.

2)      Take Them Out to Nature – I realized we are such ‘city people’ that we love going to shopping malls and cinemas. However, it is important to connect our kids with nature. Reservoirs, parks, beaches and gardens are great places to take our kids to. It is a good way to teach them about God’s creation, His creativity and innovation.

3)      Being Involved in Their Play– It is so easy to take a back seat and watch our kids play.  What makes it really fun is when we are involved in their play. It takes a lot of my energy but I can sense an increased connection with my kids when I do that.

As the book says, don’t leave it to chance when it comes to parenting. Let’s be intentional and plan it. Our children grow up very quickly and we don’t want to let this opportunity of being their heroes slip us by.

— Ps. Joy —
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I have always been actively serving in church. Ever since I was a teenager, I would always be in church over the weekends and during my holidays helping in whatever way I could.

Over time, I was asked to serve in different ministries. Throughout my education and army life, I would devote most of my time serving in church. It seemed normal to continue serving even when I started working, and while the demands of my time grew stronger, I never felt that I should reduce my commitment in serving the local church.

There were moments that I felt like quitting, and moments that I felt the tension of over-committing as a volunteer in church. But over the last few years, I have learnt a few principles that have helped me in dealing with ‘balancing’ ministry and marketplace.



“Therefore we do not lose heart. Though outwardly we are wasting away, yet inwardly we are being renewed day by day. For our light and momentary troubles are achieving for us an eternal glory that far outweighs them all. So we fix our eyes not on what is seen, but on what is unseen, since what is seen is temporary, but what is unseen is eternal.” – 2 Corinthians 4:16-18

We have an eternal hope in Jesus, and this reliance on Christ gives me the hope and courage for the present. In 1 Timothy 1:1, Paul encourages us that we have a common hope in Christ Jesus. Through Christ, we know that our sins have been forgiven (Romans 3:24), that we are now reconciled to God (John 14:6), that we have hope for our daily necessities (Matthew 6:33) and that we have a hope for the future (1 Thessalonians 4:13-18)

Having an eternal vision puts everything that I am going through in life right now into a Godly perspective, and as the famous hymn goes, “Many things about tomorrow, I don’t seem to understand. But I know who holds tomorrow, and I know who holds my hand.”



In May 2014, I was going through a very bad patch in my life. I was juggling between running my own business, serving in my local church, serving in a para-church organization and preparing for my wedding. I was spiritually dry, emotionally spent, and physically drained. My internal capacity was not big enough for the external commitments that I piled on myself.

My inner man was terribly weak. My personal prayer-life was non-existent and I only read the Bible when I had to. There is a correlation between joy and spending time with God. As the psalmist beautifully pens, “In Your presence, there is fullness of joy.” (Psalms 16:11)

I knew that I had to build on my inner man. It starts from understanding who God is, and who I am in Him. The revelation that Jesus desires to be with me always (John 17:24) gave me the courage and impetus to pursue Him wholeheartedly.

One year on, I am still juggling between my career, serving in my local church, serving in a para-church organization, and spending time with my wife. Yet in the midst of all this, there is a sense of being renewed daily, and this comes from a place of where my daily bus rides to work become moments of devotion with God. I enjoy being the first one to office and spend time reading and meditating on the scriptures.



I would read Paul’s letters and stay stuck on the first verse of each epistle. It would typically start off by Paul introducing himself as, “Paul, an apostle of Christ Jesus, by the will of God.”

It would always get me thinking about what I am called for. It is a question that most young adults would ask, and I have learnt that it could be a lifelong journey to fully discover God’s calling for an individual life. Think Moses, Abraham and other great men in the Bible.

What has helped me is when I started asking myself these questions every now and then:

-       What are some of the skills God has given me?

-       What am I comfortable doing?

-       What are things that I am passionate about?

-       What makes my heart comes alive?

-       What are some of the values that I have in my life?

-       What do I spend most of my free time thinking about?


Inevitably, these questions have shaped what I do both in my career and how I serve the local church. I understand also, that my external calling could change over different seasons in my life; but I know, that as long as I keep my eternal perspective focused on Christ, that I keep committed toward building my inner man, that God will guide me towards my external calling for His glory.

– By Jonathan Carl Wong –



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One of the great privileges I have in my job as well as in my time in ministry school is that I get to spend a lot of my time with fellow Christians. Throughout the years, I noticed similar questions that have come up consistently through my conversations both at home and abroad. The most common ones are “How do I know my calling?”, “How do I know if I am walking in God’s purpose for my life?” and “I am not hearing anything so what should I do?”. I am sure many of us can relate to these questions. Personally, I have had these thoughts come up at least on a weekly basis. I believe these questions are normal. And they are often a manifestation of an inner cry for significance and purpose.

We were all wired with an innate desire for significance and purpose. In the Psalms, we read about how we were uniquely formed and fashioned. When God created us, He broke the mould every single time such that there would be no copies. Hence, our destiny, calling and purpose are all unique and intrinsically different by nature and design. In Colossians, Paul unveils what he describes as a mystery that has been hidden through the ages and now, because of Christ, has been revealed to man. That mystery is the revelation that within every believer is the capacity for glory. Glory can be defined as weighty presence or great beauty but I believe the most apt definition in that context would be what was demonstrated in the story of Moses. When Moses asked God to show him His glory, instead of a magnificent display of signs and wonders, God showed him His goodness or I believe more accurately, He revealed His nature.

I believe that within every believer is a unique nature (glory) of God that only they have the ability to carry and represent. This is why discovering your destiny is of utmost personal importance. Not only that, it matters to the world. Because if you don’t discover your destiny, you won’t reveal your glory. If you don’t reveal your glory, that aspect of who God is will not be revealed. In the absence of revelation, is the absence of worship. If there isn’t a desire for you to discover your destiny yet, pray and ask the Lord for a hunger and passion for one!

I believe the journey to discovering your destiny starts by you discovering yourself. Your dreams, passions, strengths and talents help shape and define your destiny. Before we can decipher destiny, we need to come into a revelation of identity.


Here are 8 Questions That Will Uncover Your Destiny

Dreams and Passions:

1. What is the deepest desire of your heart? (Psalms 37:4)

2. What stirs your passion and makes you come alive?

3. To what can you give 100% of yourself for your whole life?


Giftings, Talent and Strengths:

4. What flows naturally out of you?

5. Where do you bring forth fruit or produce good results? (Matthew 12:33)


Prophetic Words/Word of the Lord:

6. What is the witness of the Holy Spirit in your spirit?

7. What do your friends, leaders and family see in you?

8. What thoughts, visions, or dreams are impossible to put out of your mind?


I firmly believe that the place where the prophetic, your dreams, passions and strengths intersect, is where your destiny lies.


Andre destiny


– By Andre Tan –



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The Army’s Mission

“And Jesus came and said to them, ‘All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age.’” – Matthew 28:18-20

Our Mission, as the army of God, should be in this order: 1) To love God 2) Grow 3) Transform our world

Loving God is about knowing how much He loves us and loving Him back. To glorify Him in our lives. Growth involves helping one another through teaching, discipleship and creating fellowship amongst believers. Transforming our world is about reaching the lost for Jesus. Bringing the Kingdom into our spheres of influence.

But why in this particular order? If you have a bunch of new Christians, who have no growth/training, and suddenly send them out to transform the world, two things may happen: they’re shot down in the process, or they do such a bad job that it embarrasses the name of Christ. It’s like sending a bunch of untrained soldiers out into the battlefield to die. And imagine having a group of believers who are growing and going out there to transform the world. But wait. They don’t love God! They’ve forgotten their first love! You would have an army of zombies who have no life, and will end up hurting more than helping people.

So as the army of God, let’s work together to love God, grow and transform our world!

Action Item of the Day: Recall your first love. Recall Christ’s sacrifice for you. Recall the Cross and bask in His love for you.



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