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Hi Parents,

In my early days as a parent, I read the book “How to be a Hero to Your Kids” by Josh McDowell and Dick Day. I would like to share the following Biblically-based “recipe” for positive parenting stated in the book that can transform us into real heroes to our children.


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(Image credit to “How To Be A Hero To Your Kids” by Josh McDowell & Dick Day)


One of the A’s I’m working on is AVAILABILITY. For our children, love is spelled T-I-M-E.

As I was reflecting about my involvement with my children, I felt really challenged by the Lord to be very intentional when I’m spending time with them. This led me to make the following changes and I’m still working on them:

1)      Unplug – I’m learning to unplug from all devices, especially my phone, whenever I’m with my children. I want them to see me watching them play or making eye contact with them whenever they are talking to me, rather than have my eyes fixed on the phone. Everywhere we go, I see a trend where parents are always looking at their gadgets rather than watching their children play and making connections with them. I hope to break this trend.

2)      Take Them Out to Nature – I realized we are such ‘city people’ that we love going to shopping malls and cinemas. However, it is important to connect our kids with nature. Reservoirs, parks, beaches and gardens are great places to take our kids to. It is a good way to teach them about God’s creation, His creativity and innovation.

3)      Being Involved in Their Play– It is so easy to take a back seat and watch our kids play.  What makes it really fun is when we are involved in their play. It takes a lot of my energy but I can sense an increased connection with my kids when I do that.

As the book says, don’t leave it to chance when it comes to parenting. Let’s be intentional and plan it. Our children grow up very quickly and we don’t want to let this opportunity of being their heroes slip us by.

— Ps. Joy —
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